Ofsted 2016 Report - City College Plymouth

Our Promises to You

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Student Charter - in partnership with you

During your course/study programme we aim to:

  • deliver our provision using suitably trained, qualified and experienced staff
  • assess you fairly and regularly
  • provide encouragement and feedback on your progress including advice on how you can improve
  • act upon feedback from our customers to ensure that we continuously improve
  • help you identify any learning support needs you may have and ensure, where practicable, we provide additional support to help you succeed
  • build employability and life skills into your course/study programme
  • ensure your studies are not adversely affected by staff absence 
  • provide suitable accommodation and resources for you to study 
  • offer you student support services if you need them, such as careers guidance, student funding advice and counselling 
  • offer you recreational support and leisure activities so you can enjoy College and meet other students
  • involve you in the College’s decision making through a variety of student feedback channels (student representatives, student surveys and focus groups, the Students’ Union etc)
  • keep your parents/carers informed of your progress if you are under 18 at enrolment, and seek your permission to do so if you are over 18 at enrolment.

To help you succeed you agree to:

  • take an active part in pre-enrolment and induction activities, so that you can be sure the course/study programme is the right one for you
  • take responsibility for organising your own learning
  • use your time to learn to the best of your ability
  • attend all timetabled classes on time
  • ask for help if you need it
  • make full use of the resources available, including the libraries, computer facilities, learning support services and student services
  • regularly check your College e-mail address
  • co-operate with all members of staff and other students
  • pay any fees and charges promptly or, if you have difficulties, discuss them with the Student Funding team
  • abide by all College rules and regulations, including anti-bullying and no smoking.

Students and staff are expected to:

  • behave in a polite, courteous and friendly manner
  • treat everyone fairly and with respect and consideration
  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • observe all health and safety regulations and safeguarding guidelines to ensure a safe learning environment, including wearing student ID cards/lanyards
  • care for the physical environment of the College
  • abide by the College’s anti-bullying and no smoking policies.

The full College Charter is available here.

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