Apprenticeships - Apprenticeship Vacancies in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

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If you are aged between 16-18 years, living in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, and looking at the options available for your future, then an Apprenticeship could be the thing for you. An Apprenticeship allows you to train and learn while you work, and what’s more it pays you as well!

There are two levels of Apprenticeship:

  • Apprenticeships - these provide opportunities to train to NVQ level 2.
  • Advanced Apprenticeships - these give the opportunity to train to NVQ level 3.

The training itself is a mix of practical, on-the-job instruction, with elements of off-the-job learning (eg day-release to College).

For further information call the Work-based Learning Department on 01752 305300, e-mail or check out the National Apprenticeship website.

We have a number of employers in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall who are looking to take you on as an apprentice! Use the National Apprenticeships Matching Service website to find and apply for them.

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