Dental Nursing Apprenticeships at City College Plymouth

From September 2013, City College Plymouth will be offering Dental Nursing Apprenticeships. 

The 18-month Apprenticeship programme allows apprentices to gain on-the-job training, underpinned by classroom-based learning at the College. Apprentices will benefit from the College’s highly experienced dental nurse tutor, who will deliver lectures on Monday evenings. The programme can be used for existing members of staff or alternatively, employers can hire a new apprentice from a pool of selected candidates.

Sharron Robbie, Head of Corporate Relations at the College, said: “We are pleased to introduce Dental Nursing Apprenticeships, in order to better service the needs of dental practices throughout the city. Dental Nursing Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way for practices to gain trained chair-side staff, skilled in dental nursing and able to provide excellent customer service to patients. 

“We are experts in our field and our Apprenticeship provision has recently been recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding. We are always looking at ways to innovate our offer for employers, by constantly up-dating and renewing the frameworks we provide. The Dental Nursing Apprenticeship is just one of these frameworks that we have recently introduced to meet the needs of local employers.”

Employers who have not taken on an apprentice before could access government funding to help you develop their team. Grants of £1,500 are now available for small businesses and are paid to employers who take on a new member of staff aged 16 to 24. For more information, call the College on 01752 305026.