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School Leavers (15-18)

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If you're aged 15 to 18 you have choices - you don't have to stay at school. These include coming to the College or doing an Apprenticeship!

Don’t just join a course, choose a career! We want to make sure that what you learn at the College is relevant when you go out into the workplace - that's why local employers have an input into how our courses are designed. It also means working with you to understand what you want to achieve and setting out a plan to get there tailored around your goals and career aspirations.

Our partnerships with employers mean that you start to build important contacts before you finish your studies, so you really will stand head and shoulders above the competition in an ever competitive job market.

How do I decide which is the right course for me?
There is a lot to think about when choosing which career you would like to follow and many things can affect your decision. Look through our courses and ask yourself:

  • what are my qualifications?
  • what subjects do I enjoy?
  • do I prefer a practical, hands-on approach or a more academic route?
  • what are my hobbies and interests?
  • what do I want to do after College?

If you are aged 16 to 18 you will enrol on a study programme, which includes:

  • a full-time course or Apprenticeship qualification at level 1, 2 or 3 in your chosen subject
  • help to complete GCSEs in English and maths if you didn’t achieve grade 4 (C) or above at school
  • other non-qualification activity such as tutorial time, study skills, enterprise activities, work experience and help with applying for further courses or jobs.

If you're not sure which course is right for you, contact our Information team on 01752 305300. They will talk to you about your interests and expected grades, allowing you to explore all the options available to you.

School Leavers

School Leavers

School Leavers

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