Arts experience aims to bridge age gap

27 February 2020 | College News

City College Plymouth students welcomed some special visitors to the College for a creative and digital arts experience.  

A group of ten people, all aged between 70 and 92, visited the College on Wednesday 26 February and were treated to sessions in dance, creative media and gaming and technology.

The dance activity saw the visitors learning part of a routine before being treated to a performance by the students. After a quick pit stop for coffee and cake, the visitors were then split into groups for a gaming and media experience, which involved testing a computer game programmed by the students, and a trip to the College’s green room. The group – who call themselves the Recycled Oldies – also enjoyed seeing their pictures come to life with the aid of augmented reality.

Student, Connor Shaw, said: “It has been a great experience working with our visitors and being able to share our knowledge with them. We have also enjoyed some brilliant conversations and shared our views on a range of subjects – we were talking about theology at one point! It’s been fascinating to exchange ideas and opinions and to see how similar people from different age groups actually are.”

Students across the College have been involved with a number of initiatives in a bid to reduce the levels of loneliness in the local community. This latest event was arranged by students and staff whose courses are part of the Media, Digital Industries and Performing Arts Academy. Rob Chadwick, Academy Manager, said: “Today’s event has numerous benefits, but its key focus was on trying to bridge the age gap between our students and some of the older members within the community. It has been very rewarding for our students, who appear to have enjoyed it as much as our visitors.

  “Students are expected to complete work experience during their time at the College, and organising this event has contributed towards that. It is brilliant to be able to work so closely with the community and to be able to hold worthwhile events such as these.”



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