Mission, Vision, Values

City College Plymouth’s Vision:

To be the South West’s leading provider of innovative, technical and professional education and training by supporting partnerships for growth, raising aspirations and fostering wealth creation.

Our Mission:

We are a College with a national reputation for promoting enterprise, employability and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our mission and vision provide the focus for our College community – students, staff and partners. They are not simply gentle aspirations; they are catalysts for action and are:

  • capable of translation into hard-edged, measurable and practical outputs
  • the link between the aspirations of individual staff members and our collective organisational values
  • focused on the student, the customer, the employer and the wider community
  • statements which the College is committed to implementing for the benefits of all of our constituents
  • reflections of our core beliefs and what we value in each other and in our external relationships
  • ways in which we would wish to be perceived by those within and without the organisation
  • benchmarks for guiding behaviour and decision making.

Our Values:

  • we put our students and our community at the heart of all that we do
  • we foster excellence, innovation and creativity
  • we celebrate diversity and inclusion and the breaking down of barriers to success
  • we have high expectations of ourselves, our students and our partners.

Find out how we’re doing in our latest Annual Report.