Traineeships (Pre-Apprenticeships)

Coffee shop barista at work

A Traineeship is a training programme with work experience that will give you the skills and experience that employers are looking for and includes:

  • a minimum six week work experience placement with a local employer
  • English and maths support (if required)
  • work preparation training to ensure you are ready and have the confidence to take the first step in your career, such as an Apprenticeship or a job!

You could be suitable for a Traineeship if you are:

  • aged 16-18 and are qualified below level 3 (A Level equivalent), or aged 19-23 and qualified below level 2 (GCSE equivalent)
  • unemployed (or working less than 16 hours per week)
  • motivated to work.

The Benefits of a Traineeship

A Traineeship will:

  • be tailored to suit your skills and personal goals
  • cover job-related topics such as CV building
  • include a work experience placement with a local employer
  • help improve your English and maths skills if required
  • prepare you for an Apprenticeship or give you the confidence to move into paid work!

For further information call 01752 305300 or e-mail