Award-winning employment project seeks new interns

05 May 2020 | College News

An award-winning project that supports young adults with learning disabilities to find and keep paid employment is seeking interns for its 11th year starting in September 2020.

Project SEARCH is a partnership between University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust, Pluss and City College Plymouth, who create employment opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities.

They provide supported work-based experiences at Derriford Hospital Plymouth, where they learn the skills that all employers need together with specific skills for individual jobs.

The scheme supports adults aged 18 to 24 with learning disabilities who live in Plymouth.

They experience three supported internships within Derriford Hospital and complete a Level 1 Diploma in Employability Skills.

In its first nine years, 64% of the project’s interns have gone on to achieve competitive paid employment.

Project SEARCH intern, Charlie Crabtree, who gained employment as a catering assistant at Warrens Goodness at Greens Restaurant within Derriford Hospital, said: “Being on Project SEARCH was wonderful and I got paid work with Warrens because I was able to prove I could work well.

“Project SEARCH was awesome and I learnt a lot about being at work and getting the job was just fantastic.”

Pip Critten, Pluss Employment Advisor, said: “Charlie was the 33rd Project SEARCH intern to gain paid employment within Derriford Hospital, with another 20 gaining employment elsewhere in the city.”

He continued: “Working with these young people who are so keen and committed to employment is a privilege and they make reliable long-term employees.”

Project SEARCH is now recruiting for the 11th year and the team is keen to hear from students and their families who want to find out more.

For further information, contact Pip Critten on 07771 967804.

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