New Year, New Business Workshops at City College

04 January 2017 | Employers

Business Workshops

Training and development is an indispensable function, but is often low on the priority list for businesses because of the potential impact on time and budget. However, City College Plymouth is offering a solution in the form of workshops being run for businesses in January. So whether a member of staff needs to learn how to write a comprehensive report, be an efficient trainer or handle conflict effectively, the College can help.

It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately. Report Writing is designed specifically to introduce some of the tools and techniques of writing an effective report. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of knowing an audience, gathering data and information, report structure, writing style and even using graphics.

Train the Trainer answers the all-important question of who trains the trainers. This is a workshop for anyone responsible for the training and development of staff in the workplace; with the primary objective of developing the trainer’s knowledge of, and self-confidence in, information delivery techniques. Topics covered include: basic learning theories, the training cycle, how people learn, becoming an effective trainer, structure of a training session, teaching styles, methods of delivery and being inclusive.

Knowing how to manage difficult situations and conflict in the workplace is an essential skill. Conflict Management is a course that delivers the skills needed to handle confrontational situations with confidence and create positive outcomes. This workshop will examine conflict and why it happens, recognise the impact of behavioural types, and consider routes to conflict management and resolution as well as teach effective and compassionate communication, how to keep control of the situation and listening and questioning skills to create empathy.

Sean Gibson, Key Account Manager at City College, said: “Learning doesn’t stop after school, college or university; the workplace can be an equally intense and competitive learning environment. Businesses that offer their employees the opportunities to develop their abilities and learn a new skill have been proven to do better than the average. Professional development is key to keeping ahead of the curve and making a business stand out above the rest.

“City College is offering courses specifically designed to enable employers to solve skills gaps, or update existing skills, which are crucial in helping them to function effectively and remain competitive.”

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