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Hannah Elder

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m studying level 3 Childcare here at City College.

Why did you choose City College Plymouth?
The reason I chose to come to City College Plymouth is because I didn’t enjoy school as much and coming to the College gave me an opportunity to just study Childcare rather than do A Levels and have to study more subjects.

What is the best thing about being a student at City College Plymouth?
The best thing about being a student at the College is that there’s an amazing set of staff. All the teachers are brilliant and there’s a really friendly atmosphere around the whole College.

What do you want to do after you have finished your course?
I’m currently thinking about going to university after I finish my course at the College and I will be able to get in with UCAS points. Most universities with Care look for experience and at least two weeks of placement and through my course I have enough hours to bank, so hopefully that will further my chances to getting in.

How has the College helped you prepare for your career goals?
The time I’ve spent at the College has given me placement hours on my course so I’m ready to go into a job and I know what I’m going to expect and that it gives me enough UCAS points- if I go to uni- to get into the course that I need to.

Can you describe City College Plymouth in three words?
If I had to sum up City College in three words I would say: supportive, friendly and welcoming.