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Sam Weeks

Sam studies Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and tells us what made him choose City College.

Why did you choose to come to City College Plymouth?
I chose to come to College because I really enjoy the fact that I’m now able to work in a practical environment, I’m not just stuck in a classroom.

What is the best thing about being a student at City College Plymouth?
The best thing about being a student here I’d say is, meeting a load of new people and having a load of new friends and doing something I really enjoy doing.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining the College?
I’d say it’s definitely one of the best options especially if you don’t enjoy being sat in a classroom all the time and you enjoy doing something that’s practical based.

How has the College helped you prepare for your career goals?
It’s going to help me by having a trade behind me, so it’s going to improve my chances and hopefully help with the chosen path that I take within the IFA.

What is the main difference between school and City College Plymouth?
The difference between school and College for me is the fact that I’m not stuck inside all of the time. I’m doing something that’s fun, that’s practical, that works for me and that helps my mind work.

Can you describe City College Plymouth in three words?
It’s fun, it’s welcoming and it’s open.