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Abigail Bunt

After working her way up in the hospitality sector Abi felt she had reached her potential in this field but she wasn’t done progressing and learning. After seeing how much success her brother had while completing his Apprenticeship, Abi decided to look into the opportunities available eventually applying to study a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship at City College.

“I actually went to university for three months to study Early Childhood Studies before realising it just wasn’t for me. I had done so much work experience and I was certain this was the career I wanted to go into but I changed my mind. I feel there was so much pressure at school to complete your A Levels and go to university, but this isn’t the path for everyone – and that’s okay.

“At school there was this stigma that college was for people that weren’t very academic, but everyone learns differently. More vocational courses can work for everyone, even if you are a straight-A student. This wasn’t taken into consideration when I was told about my options and so I started heading down the wrong pathway. Now I’m doing my Apprenticeship I finally feel I have found my feet.

“I thought Apprenticeships only covered hair and beauty, construction or engineering but there is actually a massive range of options available – and the options aren’t just for young people. There are so many benefits such as earning whilst learning and getting on-the-job training. One of the great things about my Apprenticeship is that I can take additional courses alongside my training and they are all paid for by the College. So far I have been offered Excel and minute taking programmes to help with my development.

“Business Administration has so many transferable skill and I feel that the experience I will gain is versatile enough to be useful to me in whatever career I choose. There is so much to learn from my colleagues and the wider team. From working with local employers to helping at events, I have already learnt a great deal. I know it may sound cheesy but I’m really enjoying learning again.

“I would 100% recommend an Apprenticeship. After gaining a degree you can talk the talk but not necessarily walk the walk. With an Apprenticeship you get both the knowledge and practical experience. I am being taught what to do and then putting it into practise – it is the best way to learn.”