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Alain Kakuru

“I’m currently studying business and can honestly say that being at the College is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life so far. Being treated as an adult, not having to wear a uniform and even calling your lecturers (not teachers!) by their first name will change your outlook on education for the better. Also, the food here is really good and there’s a gym onsite, which is discounted for students and open throughout term time. The College was recently ranked first in the country for student satisfaction – so, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who is happy with their College experience.

“I feel like I can go to my lecturers with any questions I have about the course and they will always help me and give excellent advice. There is also welfare and financial support, for example, some students may not be able to afford meals every day; we have a free Plymouth City College bus that goes from the College to the city centre; and there is support for students with disabilities.”

“We also receive help with a new digital platform, Google Classroom, which you can download to your phone. Through this app, my tutors send me messages, for example, reminding me when my coursework is due and when exams are coming up. These notifications pop up on my phone, making communication quick and easy.” 

“As a Student Governor, I regularly attend governor board meetings and get key information about the College. I then feed this back to the student representatives who in turn filter the information to students in the areas they are responsible for. In this way, we are able to answer any questions students have about the College and its future, as well as feeding back any concerns they have. It’s an opportunity available to all students – as long as you think you can bring something new to the table and you genuinely want to do it.”

Alain gives the following advice to anyone considering studying at City College: “I would say 100% go for it, it’s definitely worth it! Come along to one of our open days and find out how you can meet some great lecturers, make some really amazing friends and ‘be part of it’!”