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Annabel Joyce

Before coming to the College, Annabel was studying for her A levels and had applied to study history at university. However after getting better grades in business studies she decided to enrol at City College.

“I was aware of City College’s outstanding reputation as an education provider and heard from friends who studied here how much they enjoyed it. So after deciding on a different career path I enrolled.

“The staff are very supportive and really want you to get the education you deserve. This was proven to me the first time I walked through the doors for my interview. I originally applied to study a BTEC in Business failing to realise this was the equivalent to my A level but I was soon signposted in the right direction. I was recommended the Business Management Foundation Degree and given all the relevant information and contacts to start down this pathway. It was this interaction that made me realise this was the place for me.

“I have a genuine interest in the ins and outs of business and the foundation degree covers a broad range of topics allowing you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. I feel it is often easy to think of a business in just one dimension, with just the basic departments but this course makes you think differently and identifies areas of focus and importance for a manager of a business. This provision has also enabled me to keep my options open, and look into different areas of business, so I can discover the right career path for me.

“Before starting the course, I had very little idea of my career path but the programme clearly demonstrated my strengths and weaknesses within each module. This allowed me to identify several areas of interest that I could pursue and along with advice from my lecturers, I was drawn to a career in Human Resources or Marketing.

“After finishing my final year at the University of Plymouth, it is now time to start the job hunt. I’m hoping to gain some more work experience to begin with and then look into roles within HR. I am eager to return to the College and complete a level 3 CIPD, which will allow me to begin on the HR career path.

“I would say to anyone thinking of studying at the College to go for it! The lecturers are of a different calibre all together and really want you to achieve. With their effort and belief and your own hard work, you can succeed. City College is a place that continually installs you with confidence in your abilities. I feel there is a genuine interest in my life and my future. I was supported throughout my decision to go on and study at University and I really do believe that the College set me up for this step in the best way.”