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Caleb Hamilton

Caleb Hamilton, a former pupil at Liskeard Community College, is a huge fan of gaming. Like the billions of active gamers around the world, Caleb loves being drawn into a world that once only existed in another’s imagination; but what he likes even more is creating these worlds for others, and he is currently among the first cohort to study the new BSc in Interactive Digital Immersion top-up year. 

Caleb’s passion for gaming saw him decide at around the age of 14 that the creative industries were for him. After deciding that he had outgrown school, he applied to study a BTEC in Game Design before progressing to a Foundation Degree in Game Design and Production. 

Caleb said: “I didn’t feel entirely ready to leave education and enter the workplace after finishing my BTEC and I felt a degree would help me feel more prepared and also improve my chances of finding a job in the digital industry. 

“I’ve been really impressed by the College since I started. The expertise of the lecturers, the attitudes of the staff, I don’t have a bad word to say about anyone – and the facilities are amazing!”

Once the stuff of science fiction, digital immersion and immersive technology are developing at rapid rates and are helping to shape the world around us, and not just the gaming world.  Caleb said: “Digital immersion lets you explore the different methods of creating a world for an audience. Whilst virtual and augmented reality are a big part of digital immersion, there is a lot more to it these days, and the industry is striving to create an experience that engages all of the senses. 

“The opportunities within this area of the creative industries are growing as more sectors embrace immersion. Training and education is just one area that is benefitting from immersion as it can provide learners with a whole new dimension.”

For Caleb, the College’s approach to teaching has suited him well. “The lecturers give you a lot of freedom to work out your passions and your style,” Caleb explained. “They also encourage you to be independent in your work, but they are also very approachable when you are finding things challenging.”

Caleb also said that the College had provided him with all of the resources he needed. Caleb added: “The College is an amazing place to be: very friendly and supportive, and I like that we have been able to build close relationships with staff and other students. The facilities for gaming and creative media students are outstanding and I can’t rate them highly enough. I will be a little sad to leave City College, but this course is making me feel excited about what the future might hold for me.”