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Callum Mather

After completing his GCSEs, Callum knew he didn’t want to go back into full-time education. He was ready to leave school and experience the working world so decided to take up an Apprenticeship. 

“I am a more practical person and I wanted to learn something whilst earning money so an Apprenticeship seemed like the perfect option. Studying an Apprenticeship means you have the opportunity to work alongside qualified people and get real world experience that you won’t get in a classroom. You learn first-hand what it is like to be a bricklayer. You learn about teamwork and hard work and getting to see the end result is really rewarding. 

“I have had so much support from my lecturers at the College. They never gave up on me. I felt there was always someone there to help me when I was struggling or didn’t understand something. They were really patient and I think saw something in me that I didn’t. My Apprenticeship Officer was also very good, she would talk me through things and was on the end of the phone if I was ever having a bad day or in need of a chat.

“I would say finding the right employer is key to getting the most out of your Apprenticeship. My first employer wasn’t the right fit but now working for BurDon Construction, I feel I have found the perfect workplace for me. My employers is incredibly patient and took the time to get to know me and my situation. They have taught me a lot and always reassure me that  although I am not that fast on the job yet I am still learning.  

“Coming in to the College for one day a week has made me a better bricklayer. The industry knowledge and skills I have been taught by the expert lecturers has definitely improved my work. You are encouraged to ask questions and make mistakes and no one will ever laugh at you if you mess up. I have used a lot of the theory I have learnt on site. 

“I can’t recommend Apprenticeships enough, you can earn while you learn, get the opportunity to meet new people that and make contacts for your future career progression. 

“I am going to continue working with BurDon Bricklaying and maybe one day I will be self-employed and have my own business. But in the meantime I am still enjoying learning and working.”