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Clint Jones

“Before coming to the College I was in Community Development, running community trusts and projects that related to media. This role had me working directly with the College, which led to me considering a career in teaching.

“I wanted to try my hand at teaching media, film and drama and made the decision to go back into education to pursue this career path. Then I got a call from the media department at the College who asked me to give them a hand on a project. I ended up covering lectures and I then staying here to finish my qualification.

“My job is so rewarding as I get to do something I’m really passionate about with great students who create amazing media products! I hope to continue working at City College and to progress within the department eventually taking on a more permanent teaching position.

“The College has opened many doors for me and I recently took a trip to Poland to research possible exchange placements for higher education students. This experience really opened my eyes to all of the fantastic opportunities available within HE. I got a unique glance into how education works in other countries and I gained so many new ideas on how to approach teaching and learning!

“I am exactly where I want to be right now and I hope to continue developing my teaching career.”