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Daniel Legassick

Currently on track to graduate with an MSc in Investigative Psychology, Daniel Legassick grew up with the dream of becoming either a professional snooker player or a forensic scientist. Despite his talent, Daniel was unable to realise his snooker dreams, so decided to put all his efforts into pursuing plan B, which led him to apply to City College to study for a Level 3 BTEC in Forensic and Criminal Investigation.

This fascinating and varied course allows students to experience the varying disciplines within this subject, which is how Daniel developed an interest in forensic psychology. After studying at the College for two years, Daniel had the equivalent of an A and two Bs at A Level, and he gained a place at the University of Worcester, where he studied for a BSc in Forensic Psychology. 

Daniel said: “Two of the modules we studied were forensic psychology and criminal psychology, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed and it was at this point that I realised I did not want to be a forensic scientist, but rather I wanted to be a forensic psychologist, focusing in particular on the investigation of crimes. I went on to complete the forensic psychology module with an overall distinction, and the criminal psychology module with merit.”

Daniel enjoyed the opportunity to explore the different disciplines and the freedom of choice offered by the College, and he said he also appreciated the huge amount of support provided by the staff. 

Daniel said: “The College lecturers are amazing and incredibly helpful; they are always supporting and helping you where they can. So many of the skills that have been crucial during my degree and masters studies I learnt at the College: meeting deadlines, working well both independently and as part of a team, and some of the subject specific skills, such as presenting findings for scientific purposes, but also how to simplify my findings for a more generic use.”

Daniel, who is currently applying for a place at Huddersfield to study for a PhD, wants to eventually work as an investigative psychologist. 

To others considering this course, Daniel said: “I know it is cliche, but you get out what you put into this course – so really do try and give it your all. Also, try not to worry if you don’t know exactly what it is you want to do – just embrace all of the different opportunities presented by this course.”