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Dayle Hallam

Foundation Degree in Strength, Conditioning and Sports Coaching

“I decided to study the Foundation Degree in Strength, Conditioning and Sports Coaching at the College because the training was perfectly in line with what I wanted to do in the future. I felt the programme would give me all the right skills to get ahead in the industry.

“The lecturers are what really made my time at the College memorable. I felt that help was always there when you needed it and our lecturers wanted to give us the best possible start to our careers. I am incredibly grateful as, without their guidance, I don’t think I’d have completed the two years.

“The experience and understanding I gained while attending the College provided me with a great foundation of knowledge and, after completing the programme, I moved to Phuket in Thailand and opened my own facility specialising is weight loss and conditioning. My training spring-boarded me straight into the career I wanted and enabled me to work with everyone from everyday clientele to world-class athletes.

“I currently own three gyms and a restaurant in Thailand, and am the co-founder of another facility in Mallorca. I set up Block HQ in 2016 and its focus is on providing a fun, safe and challenging experience with the end goal being a huge improvement in performance and well-being.

“I have trained PGA Tour Players, UFC Fighters, NHL Players and CrossFitters, and last year I was able to set up a partnership with City College. During the summer I was fortunate enough to have ten students come to Mallorca to gain hands-on experience. This was an opportunity for me to pass on my knowledge, share my skills and show them what their futures might look like. This was also a chance to suss out a possible candidate to take over my role at the company as I have recently stepped down from Block HQ to complete my studies.

“I am going to the University of South Wales to my top-up my degree and obtain my full BsC Honours. After I have completed my degree, I may look at starting a business venture in Costa Rica. I have a project in mind but nothing is quite decided. I’m excited for what the future might hold.

“My advice to anyone thinking about studying at the College would be to take advantage of every opportunity, and use all of the support available, especially make an effort with the lecturers and network. Knowing the right people will be helpful in the long run. But also, enjoy it! You won’t ever get those years back, so make the most of the process.”