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Hannah Pay

Hannah Pay is a production apprentice at the BBC in London after studying level 3 media at City College Plymouth. She also spent one day a week working with One20 Media, the student-led production company at the College.

Hannah said: “This was an amazing experience as I got to help run real projects and create content for different media platforms. My work at One20 Media gave me the skills I needed to have a part-time job as a web designer and run the social media for a small company.”

As well as working and studying for her diploma, Hannah also took two short courses at the London Film Academy over the summer 2013 and the summer of 2014. She chose to learn more about film production and shooting and lighting in order to give her a broad skill range in media production.

Hannah said: “I was always planning on going to university. Then, one day, a friend of mine mentioned to me about the possibility of applying for an Apprenticeship. I saw the opportunity at the BBC and decided to apply for it. A few months later, after being all set to go to university, I got a call saying I had an interview and I got the job!

“The Apprenticeship has been absolutely amazing and it has opened up so many opportunities. Actually getting the chance to live and work in London is something I have loved. I have also had the chance to work in different areas and take a lot of responsibility for different documentary programs.

“All the staff are really helpful and friendly. Since starting, I have made some amazing friends and contacts in the industry. When I’m on a placement, I actively seek out role models who really inspire me and give me good advice. I am having an amazing time going out, filming and working as a researcher. This kind of experience in so valuable and is really helping me to plan my future. I’m so grateful to the College for starting me down this path.”

Before attending City College Plymouth, Hannah had no real experience of media, not having taken the subject at GCSE level. She attended the College’s open day and spoke to lecturer, Rob Chadwick. After touring the College’s industry-level facilities, she decided media was an area she wanted to know more about.

Hannah said: “Through my two years at City College, I really found a passion for the subject. I knew I would never want to do anything else!”