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Jack Carr

Former All Saints Academy pupil Jack has aspirations of becoming a football coach and he chose to study at City College Plymouth as it allowed him to commit himself to his career goals 100%. Having achieved outstanding results in his level 2 course, Jack has now progressed to the Level 3 Diploma in Coaching and Development with the prospect of university in sight.

Jack said: “I love sport – particularly football – and I’m really keen on the idea of helping others to develop their own skills and techniques. This course not only allows us to work on our own skills, but it also helps us to develop successful coaching methods. We also learn how to adapt these methods depending on who you are coaching.

“In addition to the coaching and sports side of the course, there is also quite a lot about the human body and the different muscles involved in exercise – I love that we are constantly learning new things, it’s great.”

For Jack, not only are his lectures interesting and directly linked to his career goals, he said the teaching staff put in a lot of effort to ensure their sessions are entertaining. Jack said: “We have fun during our sessions. You do get to play a lot of sport on this course, but there is some theory and the lecturers make it really interesting: you want to learn as much as you can from them. They are also really approachable and really easy to talk to – it makes you feel really supported.”

For many aspiring coaches and sportsmen and women, being able to work within a team is crucial to achieving success, and Jack said the group is encouraged to work together, help one another and to really develop their team-work and communication skills.  

Jack added: “If you are interested in sport and feel it could be a career for you, City College is a great place to study whether you want to play sport competitively or, like me, teach sport to others. You will have a lot of fun, but also you will learn a lot that will be essential as you work towards your goal.”