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Joby Barraclough

“I have always been interested in Computing, Game Development and the Media and knew I wanted a career in this field. I studied for a degree in IT and Media at University College Suffolk and then moved on to undertake a PGCE at the University of Plymouth.

“As part of my course I was placed at City College. I really enjoyed getting to work with the students and a great team of people who all shared the same passion. This led me to apply for a lecturing position.

“I really enjoy helping students develop their skills and boosting their confidence. Young people starting the course often have very low expectations of what they can achieve, however, we know better. It is always so rewarding to see students surprise themselves and achieve success far greater than they could have ever hoped.

“I’d love to be an astronaut or a professional footballer but I’m not sure how realistic this is at 40! So, for now I am happy working with students across the media and digital department.”