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Jonathon Brooks

Jonathon is currently studying a PhD at Leicester University, undertaking research into developing the training of police cadaver dogs.

“I always knew I wanted to study forensic science but had no idea what area I wanted to delve into. I thought a foundation degree would help me decide what I wanted to specialise in.

“The College offered me the option to explore all avenues and aspects of forensic science. The broad course modules and offered many topics and allowed me to discover what I found particularly interesting.

“The passion of the lecturers was without a doubt a key memory for me. They are very dedicated to the students and always helped those that struggled with any aspect of the course. Studying at the College just strengthened the knowledge that I wanted a career in this field and gave me the skills and knowledge so I could apply for a degree.

“After graduating from the College, I went on to do a BSc in Forensic Science. I excelled in the analytical aspects of the course and ended up researching the volatile organic compounds from decomposing mammalian remains, which became the topic of my dissertation. Having done so well in the project and other modules at the university, I was able to apply for a PhD position at Leicester University skipping the normal route of a master’s degree.

“My PhD is in collaboration with Leicester and Nottingham police, and I work with international research groups in Australia. I’m hoping to revolutionise the training of police cadaver dogs to further develop the science of forensics.”