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Jordon Cox

Business student, Jordon, tells us why he chose to study at City College.

What is the best thing about being a student at City College Plymouth?
The best thing about being a student at City College is the fact that it has given me the opportunity not just to gain life skills, it has also given me good opportunity to gain a wide vareity of friends from different backgrounds and cultures because the College has a supportive unit of which it treats everyone equal, which is nice.

What do you want to do after you have finished your course?
Whilst being at College it’s given me the necessary life skills for my customer assistant role and it enables me to go higher up the steps of retail and hopefully soon become a manager once I finish College.

How has the College helped you prepare for your career goals?
The College has supported me with my career goals because it’s enabled me to gain the necessary key skills and the knowledge that is required to go up the stepping stones within the retail world. Obviously for everyone else, it’s going to enable them to go through the necessary milestones that they have to go through as well.

How has the College supported you while you have been here?
The College has supported me in many ways through the supportive team within the College. When I fell down, I went to them specifically so that I didn’t feel alone and the College, it has such a warming background to it, it just makes you feel at home.

Can you sum up City College Plymouth in three words?
If I had the sum up City College in three words it’d be: supportive, life-changing and opportunity.