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Klaudia Stec

With aspirations of becoming an accountant, Klaudia to the first step towards her goal by studying for an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Access Award in Bookkeeping. For 22-year-old Klaudia, being able to study part-time was crucial in her decision as it meant she was still able to work. 

Having now also completed the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, Klaudia said she is pleased she made the decision to study at City College Plymouth. Klaudia said: “I’ve learnt a lot from this course. While I have always been quite good at maths, the practical aspects of bookkeeping were new to me. I feel this course has helped me to prepare for the level 2 qualification. 

“I was working as a machine operator in a factory and I quickly realised that this wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Having always loved numbers, I chose accounting as the career I wished to pursue. 

“In addition to what I have learnt on the course, I’ve also met some really interesting people and made some great friends. It’s a friendly atmosphere at the College and you are always made to feel welcome. 

“If I couldn’t have studied part-time, I don’t know whether I would have been able to take up the course: I have bills to pay like many of the older students at the College. The flexibility the College offers is really great for people like me who wish to improve their job prospects, but also have other responsibilities. The College has also helped me learn to be more organised, which will be particularly helpful if I progress to university.”

The AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping, which could be free depending on your circumstances, is the perfect introduction for those looking to work in finance or business, but is also well-suited to those who are self-employed and wish to do their own finances. 

Klaudia added: “I am really looking forward to continuing my studies at City College Plymouth. If, like me, you desire to do something else with your life, I highly recommend taking up a part-time course at the College. They can put you on the right path to achieving your goal.”

Klaudia is now studying for an Access to Higher Education Diploma: Business and Management.