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Mia May

With a deep love for the theater and a particular passion for lighting, Mia May is currently studying for a university-level qualification in live events production. Whilst at school, Mia really enjoyed drama, but had no real ambition to be on the stage. A careers advisor suggested live events production, something Mia hadn’t previously considered as an option. 

Mia said: “I’ve developed a real passion for programming lighting and working with computer aided design to help bring my visions for theatre to life; however, there are loads of different aspects to live events, and I’ve chosen to study for a Foundation Degree to further my understanding of the wider industry.”  

Having completed the level three BTEC qualification at City College, Mia said it just felt right to continue her education at the College. About adjusting to university-level study, Mia said: “Studying for a Foundation Degree is very different to a BTEC, but the lecturers provide you with lots of resources to help with that adjustment. 

“I feel I am being fully prepared to enter the live events industry. We take a very in depth look at the various professional practices and standards, alongside all of the practical work we get to do. We are also given opportunities for networking and we get to talk to a lot of industry professionals.”

Mia says the course would be beneficial to anyone who is serious about having a career in the live events industry. “There is a lot to learn, but if you are passionate about this industry, the hard work is worth it. The tutors will also help you break it down and find a way to make it manageable; they are very supportive.”

After the Foundation Degree, Mia hopes to complete the top-up year which will give her a full degree in live events production before going on to work as a light programmer or designer for a theatre.