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Paul Nicholls

Have you ever considered working with us at the College? Paul Nicholls, Commercial Director for the Gilpin Group, tells us why he chose City College as his training partner.

How has working with the College benefitted your business?

It has been an exceptional experience working with the College. We’ve had some really really interesting and intriguing young people come through now and given the uncertainty of Brexit and the skills gap that we currently have in construction, the College has provided a great platform for young students to work their way through education into a construction role.

Why would you recommend working with the College?

The College has many different areas moving all the way from professional services through to skilled labour. For me personally, I take quite a keen interest in the professional services side of things. It’s good to see really good quality management training coming through in terms of the CMI levels five, six and seven’s that are currently being delivered here. We also keep a keen eye on obviously in engineering activities that are taken and are sort of going on at the College at the moment.

What would you say to some who was thinking of working with the College?

I would say that working with the College has been a great experience for me. Certainly it has opened my eyes to the education sector and what’s out there. The courses that are laid on by the College are really good. The quality and standard of the courses and instructors that come through is very high. It is a great experience for all and I’d recommend it to all employers.

Why do you think it is important to work with students and young people?

What we have now is some young individuals with some great talents and forming the baseline skills that we require as an industry to basically look after our built environment and take projects through to the future. We’ve got 10,000 construction jobs that need to be created within the next five years or are already created over the next five years and essentially the College is a key stakeholder in that and making sure we can deliver those projects in the future. We’ve got such a skills gap at the moment within the construction industry that pulling through that talent that young people hold is key to delivering Britain’s future.

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