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Perry Johnson

“Before I enrolled at City College, I was teaching with local dance company, Street Factory Studios, and labouring for a friend’s company fitting windows and conservatories. I was also a part of Frantic Assembly’s Ignition Project in London, which is a national training programme for young men aged 16-20 who are interested in the arts.

“I actually went to a College Open Day to support my cousin, who was new to Plymouth. I saw that there was a dance programme and decided to find out more. Before I knew it, I was filling out an application form and couldn’t wait to start the course!

“The thing I enjoyed most about it was the freedom you had to explore different areas of the industry; we weren’t just told what to do. There was an importance put on individual development of physical and creative skills, and I was able to build a solid professional portfolio from the range of experience I gained on this programme.

“I feel the HNC programme helped to make me more employable. The arts is a tough industry to crack but this course gave me the skills, depth of knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in this sector. I know how to promote myself and find work, which is vital in such a competitive trade.

“I’m hoping to run my own company one day, where I can share my passion for performing and choreography and pass on my experiences of the arts industry.

“I would encourage anyone interested in the arts to consider this course. It is taught in a hands-on environment, where you can learn practical skills as well as gain the knowledge you need to jump straight into the working world. The College is a fun and enjoyable place to study. I have met some great people and lecturers who have helped me get to where I am today.”