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Reece Dunstan

Reece Dunstan, 20, is a City College Business Administration apprentice working within the Employer Engagement Team. He first came to the College to study business and, on completing the course, applied for an Apprenticeship. Now in his second year of the programme, he is gaining important employability skills while earning money.

“After year 11 I decided to try sixth form but I quickly realised A Levels and the university route wasn’t for me; I was worried about having years of debt and that I wouldn’t come out with all the necessary skills to go straight into a career. So I took a step back and revised what I was going to do, eventually applying to do the business course at City College. I really enjoyed what I was learning and was keen to progress. So when I finished the course, I applied for an Apprenticeship.

“My typical week can vary quite a lot but my day-to-day tasks include managing courses for businesses. I take enquiries, process the paperwork and book people on to the workshops. This requires a lot of organisation and a very professional approach as I’m dealing with clients. This role has helped me to gain confidence and an understanding of how to communicate on a business-to-business level.

“I also make preparations for the first aid courses, such as setting up the room and liaising with the course lecturers to make sure they are happy with the facilities. I get the opportunity to meet and greet clients, and work with other departments within the College. Dealing with all different types of people regularly means I have had to learn how to communicate effectively.

“I’m in charge of important data so my Excel skills really come in handy. I’m also part of the wider marketing department, so I work events and represent the College on a regular basis. This again tests my ability to talk to a range of people from prospective students and their parents, to lectures, colleagues and employers. I feel like a valued member of the team and I have a lot of responsibility.

“The College is very supportive. A reviewing officer visits me every three months to see how I’m getting on. I can have as much or as little contact as I need but they are always available if I need help.

“After I finish my Apprenticeship I would like to pursue a career in human resources. I like the staff development aspect of my job – helping people to gain valuable skills and increase personal development. It is very rewarding to see others progress their careers and I want to be part of that, just like the College has done for me.”