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Rob Chadwick

Now the Academy Manager of Media, Digital and Performing Arts Rob Chadwick secured a job as a media lecturer before working his way up through the ranks. After 21 years at the College Rob is an old hand at everything creative.

“I left school at 18 with only my GCSEs and decided to take my PGCE to become a teacher.

“Before coming to the College I worked for CSV Media, making radio programmes and features for Plymouth Sound and Pirate FM. I managed a radio project within the company that involved teaching unemployed people how to record and edit with the aim to help them find work in the digital sector. This experience gave me a good grounding for teaching.

“CSV was moved to the College as a franchise and I started teaching radio on the media course. I slowly began to teach more and more until a position opened up and I started working here full-time.

“Staff development is an important part of the College’s ethos and I have been given many opportunities to grow within my role. The various European trips I’ve been lucky enough to go on have allowed me to explore viable placements for my students and gain an understanding of the possibilities available within education.

“I have recently helped establish Apprenticeships within the creative faculty and developed a wider study programme for higher education applicants. I hope to continue broadening the range of study options within the College and keep the provision here second-to-none.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students achieve and go onto to bigger things.  I’m in touch with a lot of ex-students and it’s always great to see them doing well in their lives. Some of my PGCE students have even come back to the College and are now working within the media department.

“I’ve been at the College for a long time and have seen it change and grow a lot over the years. With the new build opening soon boasting its state of the art facilities the creative provision at the College will be even better and I can’t wait.”