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Steve Tayler

Steve Tayler, a 27-year-old business and administration apprentice at City College Plymouth, is proof that Apprenticeships can be for anyone and not just school-leavers. Whether you are looking to upskill or for a new career altogether, Apprenticeships offer you the chance to earn a salary while learning new skills. 

Steve spent most of his early career working in busy restaurant kitchens; however, as he approached his mid-20s, he concluded this wasn’t the job for him. Keen to change paths altogether, Steve began job-hunting, but lack of experience became a barrier to him finding something that offered career-development opportunities.

Steve said: “Having only worked in catering, I was struggling to find anything permanent that offered good, long-term prospects, so I began looking into Apprenticeships, as they didn’t require any previous experience.

“I chose City College Plymouth for my Apprenticeship because the staff here helped to make it a seamless transition and they kept me updated at every step of the application. I knew I wanted to do something completely different to my previous work as a chef, which is why I opted for something business-related.”

Steve has been working with the College’s Business Engagement team, which has allowed him to gain many practical skills that are essential for progression in a business environment, but would also transfer to numerous other roles.

Steve added: “If you are considering a career change, but perhaps don’t feel comfortable with the idea of going into full-time education, an Apprenticeship might be the answer you are looking for. Apprenticeships are a great way of starting a new career while still earning a salary and preparing you to hit the ground running in whatever job you go on to.

“The staff at City College Plymouth are really knowledgeable and will help you with every step of the process.”