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Tom Raymond-Jones

Tom came to the College after completing his first year of sixth form to study a BTEC in Health and Social Care. With a clear career goal in mind he realised he would rather focus his learning and take up a vocational pathway. With a passion for adult nursing, Tom is set for a bright future in the care sector.

“I knew one of the lecturers here at the College and she told me about the health and social care course. It was exactly what I was looking for so I made the choice not to continue my A levels and enrolled. I have always known I wanted to work in the care sector and this seemed like the best first step.

“The courses here at the College aren’t just about learning your chosen subject, they also prepare you for work and teach life skills. My study programme offers a lot of work placements in the community, meaning we get to take what we are learning in the classroom and put it into practice. This real world experience has helped me to quickly gain a better understanding of what health and social care is all about and learn practical skills.

“This course is respected by lots of universities and sometimes even regarded as a better base to start adult nursing than A Levels. I have met employers who are very willing to employ individuals after completing this course due to the in-depth understanding you gain about health and social care practice.

“I love the fast pace of adult nursing and how you there are so many areas you can go into, there are so many career opportunities. It is very emotionally rewarding and I really want to help people.

“I plan on going to university; I already have three offers so am well on my way to securing a place. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants a great career in health and social care.”