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Trevor Worth

Have you ever considered working with us at the College? Trevor Worth, CEO and Founder of Portcullis Legals Ltd, tells us why he chose City College as his training partner.

How has working with the College benefitted your business?

“I think it works on several levels really, not just on the Apprenticeship side of things, but also things like the Talking Business events which are a fantastic part of the diary in Plymouth. It allows you to network with other people in business and share ideas and thoughts as well. But also the team at City College are always open to new thoughts and ideas and that helps us tremendously as well.”

Why would you recommend working with the College?

“Firstly, the team are great to engage with and they’re very open-minded and they’re just good people people and that’s what you need I think in business and from an institution in education. I also think there’s sort of a can-do mentality which lots of people talk about but don’t actually do and you can also see the people here have got a passion for helping improve the lives and the futures of the young students.”

What would you say to a business thinking of working with the College?

“I would urge any business to come and talk to City College because we don’t have all the answers. No matter how long we have been in business and there are always new ideas and thoughts to pick up on. By engaging with City College, you’re getting direct access to experts in their field and people who can actually help drive your business forward.”

Why do you think it is important to work with students?

“I think it’s important to engage with young students because they are the future, whether that’s future employers or employees, future leaders, mentors, you know they’re the next generation that’ll help business go forward. It is important to engage with them because they can also bring something new to the table, they’ve got new ways of thinking and acting whether that’s through technology or things they spot and it’s important we embrace all of those things.”