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Vicky Budd

After focusing on her family and raising her five children, Vicky Budd decided to pursue her love of performing arts. Having completed her access course, she’s now looking to continue her education with the College on a university-level course.

“I’m a full-time mum of five children and I’ve got a husband who is a royal marine so he’s obviously away quite a lot, so that’s been my life for a long time.

“I came to the College 20 or so years ago to study hairdressing straight from school, but I couldn’t pursue that career. In between all of this I’ve had children and now it’s time for something for me. I was doing lots of acting and my sister said to come along to the College and get a degree in something I absolutely love so that was it, decision made!

“The highlight of studying at the College for me is doing something that I really, really love. I have a passion for dancing, acting, singing, so I’ve been able to do all of that. It’s also been great meeting new people and the tutors have been absolutely amazing too.

“College has been really good. I’m a full-time mum so it’s not just about me. I’ve got five children to think about. If one’s been poorly or has an appointment, they’ve been brilliant. I haven’t been scared once to say, ‘look, I’ve got this appointment’ or ‘they’re sick, I’ve got to take the day off’. They’ve been amazing, really good.

“I’m working towards a Foundation Degree. I’ve done my access course, so now it’s level 4. I don’t want to divert away from the College. I’ve had such a lovely experience, this is where I’m staying.”