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Vincent Wight-Harper Inniss

Nobody said learning had to be boring! At City College, we want you to achieve your goals in a fun and supportive environment whether you are a school leaver or you are returning to education! Vincent decided A Levels weren’t for him and kick-started his career in sport with the College. And from what we’ve heard, there is a bright future ahead of him too!

“I did a year of A-levels and decided it wasn’t really for me and I really wanted to concentrate on sport and then I spoke to the lecturers at City College and they decided this would be the best option for me to go.

“I chose City College because of the sole sports case, it was a great idea for me and it was a great step forward I felt to achieve the best possible career to then get into uni.

“Football scouts came down to watch the football team which is ideally what I wanted to be doing and the extracurricular activities such as going water boarding or to amusement parks which were water based were quite enjoyable as a class.

“I’ve got two years left at City College on the uni course so hopefully after that I could either into becoming a lecturer or becoming a personal trainer or hopefully going on to a football team to help younger players improve themselves and break into the first team.

“Anyone thinking of joining the College should 100% do it. It’s one of the best opportunities they could possibly take and there is so many different pathways they could choose and there’s so many different facilities such as the STEM Centre which has just been built.”