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Course Code: DITU3

Level: 3
Subject area: Media, Games & Computing
Awarding body: City & Guilds
Qualification: Diploma
Course type: Part-time
Time of Day: Daytime
Duration: 20 weeks
When you'll study: Mondays, 1.00pm - 8.00pm and Tuesdays, 9.30am - 6.00pm (subject to change)

About the course

With approximately 77% of people using IT in their jobs today, this qualification will enable you to gain a range of skills and knowledge in the use of ICT applications or use of ICT equipment that can lead to a variety of job roles which rely on the use of digital technologies and services.

Designed for those with little or no experience in computing for the underpinning knowledge that could aid progress to further education or employment. This qualification is suitable for a wide age range aimed at adult learners.

What you'll learn

You will be study a range of modules (see below) where you will gain knowledge and skills to set up, troubleshoot, optimise and secure software and computer systems for clients needs. You will be using a variety of operating systems and software that is currently used by modern businesses. In addition, you will be programming using languages like client-side and server-side scripting, or C# or Java or C++ etc. 

You will develop skills in computer components, particularly modifying system settings to improve the economy, efficiency and performance, and upgrading systems to improve capacity or functionality, as well as hardware and software malfunction and troubleshooting. You will be setting up the internet connection and setting up a computer network and computer systems secure from the internal and the external threads.

Modules include:

  • improving productivity using IT
  • understanding the potential of IT 
  • developing personal and team effectiveness using IT
  • set up an IT system
  • optimise IT system performance
  • IT security for users
  • using the internet
  • specialist software.
Entry requirements

While no previous experience or qualifications in ICT are required for entry, you will benefit if you are progressing following successful completion of one or more of the following courses: 

  • Level 1 Award for IT Users 
  • Level 1 Certificate for IT Users 
  • Level 1 Diploma for IT Users 
  • Level 2 Award for IT Users 
  • Level 2 Certificate for IT Users 
  • Level 2 Diploma for IT Users 
  • Level 3 Award for IT Users 
  • Level 3 Certificate for IT Users.

You will be assessed via a combination of e-assessments provided by City & Guilds and coursework, consisting of methods such as: 

  • portfolio of evidence (paper or electronic)
  • scenario based assignments
  • using ‘expert witnesses’ from within an organisation
  • observation
  • professional discussion.
What's next?

With the growth of the use of digital technology, this qualification will enable you to use ICT for a number of job roles, where digital technology is a required knowledge and skill set. 

This qualification could help you get a job in areas such as:  

  • IT Application Helpdesk Support 
  • IT Supervisor  
  • Applications Specialist
  • Applications Support
  • In-team Super User
  • Social Media/Digital Marketing Technician
  • Web Development Technician.

Alternatively, you may progress onto an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Computing. Students with the sufficient level of portfolio demonstrated via interview may progress onto the Foundation Degree in Software Development or Foundation Degree in Computer Systems Development.

Important information

Fees quoted apply to courses starting in the academic year 2022/23 (August 2022 – July 2023). There may be a slight increase in fees for courses starting 2023/24.

If you are aged 16-18, due to Government funding, tuition fees may not be applicable for your course. (Please note: this does not apply to Foundation Degrees or Access to Higher Education courses, and other courses not eligible for public funding.)


Course Code: DITU3

Course Fees

A Full Course Fee: Not applicable to this course

B Reduced Course Fee (for those in receipt of qualifying benefits): Not applicable to this course

C Ancillary course costs (ie books and equipment): Not applicable to this course

D Advanced Learner Loan Fee: £2000

How old are you? How much will you pay?
16 - 18 This course is free for this age group
19 - 23 D(Note: If you do not have a level 3 qualification, this course may be free).
24+ D

Please note fees are quoted for one year only.