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Course Code: GAMFT

Level: 3
Subject area: Access to HE
Awarding body: CAVA
Qualification: Access
Course type: Full-time
Time of Day: Daytime
Duration: One year
When you'll study: Various, 9.00am - 5.00pm

About the course

Access to Higher Education courses are designed for students aged 19 or over. If you are aged 18 or under, this course may not be suitable for you. Please contact us on or 01752 305300 if you would like any help discussing alternative options.

Are you looking for a career change? All of our CAVA Access to HE programmes are suited to students who left school to follow one career path, only to find later in life that you want to retrain, or study a university course.

The Access to HE Diploma in Games Development is a full level 3 qualification, which covers a range of disciplines such as modelling, animation and audio. You will develop critical thinking and analytical skills and how to apply them to the field of games design

We strongly recommend that you talk to our friendly careers advisors about your aspirations before you start the course, so that we can help ensure the units you study are the right ones for your intended career and university course after completing the Access to HE diploma.

What you'll learn

The course includes the following units:

3D Modelling for Games
Summarise theory and applications of 3D, devise 3D models and create game engine ready 3D models.

Audio for Computer Games
Discuss uses of sound and music in games, explain methods and principles of sound design and production, plan and create sound assets for a computer game and apply and evaluate sound assets for a computer game.

Game World Design
Discuss the principles of game design, discuss and evaluate game world design and plan and design a game concept.

Digital Graphics for Games
Explain theory and applications of digital graphics, develop a plan in response to a brief for computer game graphics and create digital graphics for a computer game.

Guide to Computer Game Industry
Summarise organisational structures and job roles in the games industry, discuss current market trends and financial issues in the games industry, summarise contractual, legal and ethical obligations in the games industry and discuss and analyse personal and general career opportunities in the games industry.

Computer Game Engines
Explain the purposes of game engines, explain  the functions of components of game engines and design and create a 3D game.

Project – Creative Media/Games Design
Identify and define an idea for a media product, plan and design a proposal for a media product, manage a production process to create a media product and evaluate own project and media product.

Placements, Voluntary Work and Paid Employment
It is essential that you are aware if your university course requires you to have prior experience before applications are made. Lack of work experience would not exclude you from completing the Access course, however it may impact on your application to university.

GCSE equivalences in maths, English and science are not part of the Access Diploma. It is up to you if you wish to enrol on GCSEs alongside your diploma, if you do not currently hold a recent 9-4 (A*-C) qualification. Your chosen university may not require its applicants to have GCSEs, or may be happy with previously achieved qualifications, such as O Level, level 2, etc.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have clarified if enrolling on a GCSE is appropriate for you. If your university course does require you to study at GCSE level you could study alongside your Access Diploma, however you must understand the implications of not achieving your GCSEs. Although it does not affect your achievement of an Access Diploma it may compromise your place at university if you achieve the Access Diploma but do not achieve your GCSEs. Some universities encourage applicants to apply for university without GCSEs and complete equivalences between application and enrolment with the university (again, this is something you have to clarify).

Alternatively, you may wish to study your GCSEs the year before or after Access study. GCSE classes are held during the day and in the evening. You will have to apply as a separate course, as well as your Access course, if this is your preference. The national changes in GCSE requirements for mature students are unique to each university.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for this Access to HE courses are level 2 qualifications in maths and English. This may be a GCSE grade C (4/5) in the subjects or functional skills qualifications.

To succeed on this course you need to be committed towards your study and focused upon your career choice. This route is designed for adult students (19+). Funding is not available for those aged 18 and under, and we would recommend that alternative vocational qualifications and A Levels are considered, which support progression onto further or higher education and employment.

If you do not currently hold a level 1 qualification in numeracy and level 2 in English, then you are invited to undertake a skills test as part of our interview process. Achieving the required level on our skills test is sufficient to meet our entry requirements for Access to HE, however, you are strongly advised to seek further advice from your chosen university regarding completing GCSEs as part of your application.

Your offer for entry onto our Access course will be conditional to a number of factors, which may include achievement of level 2 in literacy and level 1 in numeracy, satisfactory performance at interview (where applicable), evidence of recent study, evidence of relevant work experience and specific criteria for international students.

Entry Requirements for International Students
The College welcomes applications from international students, however you are strongly recommended to clarify with your chosen university your responsibilities as an international student. You may be required to complete an IELTS or CEFR recognised equivalent test score exam prior to interview or record IELTS 5.5 on your application. There may also be funding implications relating to your international student status. Please ensure that you are clear of university entry requirements for international students.


You will learn a range of subjects, which are broken down into units; each unit is assigned a credit value. Successful completion of a unit will be awarded with a number of credits, graded at pass, merit or distinction, depending on the standard of your work. You will continue to ‘collect’ credits throughout the course. The units are assessed by coursework, assignments, projects and exams.

What's next?

After completing this one year course you could progress to university. If you previously went straight into a job after leaving school, or you have taken stock and want a new career direction, this Access course offers the chance to study alongside other mature students, tutored by experienced, motivational and supportive lecturers. You may be required to study GCSEs in English, maths or science depending on your career and university aspirations (you can check this with the university).

Please note the College course title is a suggested progression route, you must check with your preferred higher education institution (university) to ensure that this Access course meets their entry requirements. Every effort is made to ensure that the units and credits offered are sufficient for progression routes onto higher education courses, however, specific courses at specific universities may have their own unique admission requirements. Once you have enrolled onto a specific Access course, it is not possible to amend units, so please ensure the course you have selected is appropriate to your chosen progression route.

Please note City College Plymouth Foundation Degree courses have unique entry requirements for Access students. Please check with our Higher Education team by calling 01752 305300.

Important information

Fees quoted apply to courses starting in the academic year 2020/21 (August 2020 – July 2021). There may be a slight increase in fees for courses starting 2021/22.

If you are aged 16-18, due to Government funding, tuition fees may not be applicable for your course. (Please note: this does not apply to Foundation Degrees or Access to Higher Education courses, and other courses not eligible for public funding.)


Course Code: GAMFT

Course Fees

A Full Course Fee: Not applicable to this course

B Reduced Course Fee (for those in receipt of qualifying benefits): Not applicable to this course

C Ancillary course costs (ie books and equipment): Not applicable to this course

D Advanced Learner Loan Fee: £3500

How old are you? How much will you pay?
16 - 18 This course is free for this age group
19 - 23 D(Note: If you do not have a level 3 qualification, this course may be free).
24+ D

Please note fees are quoted for one year only.

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"The contact time with the lecturers was great! I was always able to get helpful feedback on my projects and assignments."

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