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Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice

Course Code: CLIQA

Level: 4
Subject area: Business, Management & HR
Awarding body: City & Guilds
Qualification: Certificate
Course type: Part-time
Time of Day: Flexible
Duration: 15 weeks
When you'll study: Wednesdays, 5.15pm - 6.15pm

About the course

Are you a Lead Internal Quality Assurer in your organisation, looking for an internal verifier or quality assurance course? 

For practitioners who lead the internal quality assurance process within a centre/organisation and have a responsibility for managing the quality of the assessment process, practice and the performance of assessors. They may also develop systems and lead on visits from outside agencies such as awarding organisations.

You will need to attend the first session, which will be an induction evening  class. After this first session, the delivery model will then move to a one-to-one tutorial model. Each trainee will have an allocation of eight hours to work with their tutor.

What you'll learn

You will gain an understanding of the role and responsibilities of an IQA in relation to:

  • principles of internal quality assurance
  • principles of assessment
  • legislation and regulations
  • equality and diversity,
  • supporting assessors
  • monitoring trends and maintaining standards.

You will be able to:

  • lead a team of IQAs and assessors
  • plan and carry out IQA activities
  • provide constructive feedback and CPD guidance  to Assessors
  • record and report  your findings.
Entry requirements

Entry requirements will depend on your existing experience/knowledge and access to students/quality assurance opportunities. However, you will complete a skills scan prior to enrolment to determine the exact entry requirements.


You will be required to produce a portfolio of evidence, demonstrating a range of activities involving leading, supporting and monitoring IQAs and carrying out quality assurance of vocational assessment.The  primary evidence for the learning outcomes and assessment criteria must come from the candidate Lead IQA  monitoring their  area of responsibility and  managing or co-ordinating the quality assurance in the organisation through managing the work of a team of IQAs.

What's next?

Successful completion of this award can lead to employment in the IQA field.

Important information

Fees quoted apply to courses starting in the academic year 2022/23 (August 2022 – July 2023). There may be a slight increase in fees for courses starting 2023/24.

If you are aged 16-18, due to Government funding, tuition fees may not be applicable for your course. (Please note: this does not apply to Foundation Degrees or Access to Higher Education courses, and other courses not eligible for public funding.)


Course Code: CLIQA

Course Fees

A Full Course Fee: £675

B Reduced Course Fee (for those in receipt of qualifying benefits): Not applicable to this course

C Ancillary course costs (ie books and equipment): Not applicable to this course

D Advanced Learner Loan Fee: Not applicable to this course

How old are you? How much will you pay?
16 - 17 This course is not usually available to this age group. Please contact or phone reception on 01752 305 300 for advice.
18 - 23 A
24+ A

Please note fees are quoted for one year only.