Information for Parents of Year 11 Applicants

This section has been created to help parents/carers of Year 11 students who have applied to join City College Plymouth in September 2020. If there is any information that you are unable to find, please e-mail us ( so we can answer your queries and further develop these pages.

Course Offers

We know that Year 11 students had been working hard to get the best grades they could in their GCSEs at school to secure a place at the College at the highest level possible. If your son/daughter has received and accepted their offer of a place on a course starting in September then their place is safe! When their GCSE grades are issued we’ll get in touch to ensure they’re on the right level of their chosen course.

If they have only recently applied for a course at the College and haven’t yet received an offer, please don’t worry, our Admissions Team are working hard to ensure offers are e-mailed to applicants as soon as possible.

Apprenticeship Applications

Year 11 students applying for an Apprenticeship will be supported in finding employment as an apprentice and contact will be made to them if an employer within their chosen subject has a vacancy. 

The College is, however, aware that there may be a reduction in the number of Apprenticeship vacancies as a consequence of the current situation. Apprenticeship applicants will have a place reserved on a full-time study programme if they have been unable to find an employment vacancy prior to joining the College in September.

To maximize the chance of securing Apprenticeship employment, applicants must submit their CV, so the College’s Apprenticeships Team can market them to appropriate employers. Please e-mail a CV to by Friday 1 May 2020.   

GCSE and A Level Grades

Exam Results Dates 2020

A Level results will be published on Thursday 13 August and GCSEs on Thursday 20 August.


The following information is taken from a letter to students issued from Sally Collier, Chief Regulator at Ofqual on Friday 3 April …

How will grades be calculated? 

Your school or college will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your subjects, based on what they know about your work and achievements:  

  • the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned 
  • within each subject, the order of students at your school or college, by performance, for each grade. This information will be used to standardise judgements – allowing fine tuning of the standard applied across schools and colleges. 

Your school or college will consider a range of things like your classwork and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment or coursework you might have done; and your general progress during your course. This information will allow us, with exam boards, to standardise grades across schools and colleges, to make sure that, as far as possible, results are fair and that students are not advantaged or disadvantaged because their schools or colleges are more generous or harsh than others when making those judgements. That means the final grade you get could be different from the one your school or college sends to the exam board. 

Do I need to complete any new work for my school/college to submit a grade?  

Your school or college is not required to set additional mock exams or homework for your centre assessment grade, and you won’t be disadvantaged if you were not set, or were unable to complete, any work given out after schools were closed. 

Can I see the grades my school/college submits for me? 

No, this information will be confidential. Please don’t ask your teachers, or anyone else at your school or college, to tell you the grades they will be sending to the exam boards or where they have placed you in the order of students; they will not be allowed to share this with you. 

I am a private candidate – what does this mean for me? 

If you are a private candidate (for example, home-schooled, following distance-learning programmes or studying independently) the centre you are entering with should include you where the head teacher or principal is confident that they and their staff have seen sufficient evidence of your achievement to make an objective judgement. We are urgently exploring whether there are alternative options for those students who do not have an existing relationship with a centre and who need results this summer to progress. Unfortunately this is unlikely to be possible for all private candidates, some of whom may instead need to take exams in the autumn to get their grades.  

We appreciate that this is a matter of real concern to private candidates and will provide an update as soon as possible. We have asked organisations that represent universities and FE colleges to consider the steps that providers could take when making admissions decisions this summer for any private candidates who do not receive a grade. They have told us that they believe that institutions will consider a range of other evidence and information for these students to allow them to progress wherever possible. 

When will I get my results? 

We’re working hard to get results out as soon as possible – results won’t be delayed after the dates they were expected in August, and ideally they will be issued a little earlier, so you can have the certainty you need.  

Can I take my exams another time? 

We are working with exam boards to offer additional exams in the autumn term as soon as it is possible to do so. We’ll let you know about these in the coming weeks.  The information we have published covers GCSEs, AS and A Levels, plus Extended Project Qualifications and Additional Extension Awards in maths. You can find out more about which qualifications and students are included, and the current arrangements for those which are not, in our detailed guidance; along with answers to other questions that you and your parents or carers might have. We will keep updating our guidance as new information becomes available, including to share details about vocational and technical qualifications as soon as we can, so please keep an eye on our website. 

Please be reassured that the grades you get this summer will look exactly the same as in previous years, and they will have equal status with universities, colleges and employers, to help you move forward in your lives as planned.

Health and Wellbeing

We know that these can be testing times for both you and your family, and being confined within the same house for long periods can be trying for the most patient and relaxed individual! 

Below are a range of articles and resources which may offer help on a number of issues including how to deal with anxieties related to the virus, boredom, isolation, managing screen time, social media use and maintaining healthy relationships.

If as a parent, guardian or carer you are seeking help with your emotional well-being  then you can get help by accessing Qwell –

Introduction to Maths and English at City College

Welcome to the English and Maths Academies! 


Continuing to improve English and maths skills is vital for everyone. Our staff believe that everyone is capable of improving their English and maths level and understand the challenges your child may have faced previously. We will support them to do the best they can, whatever their ability. 

To help applicants prepare for their English and maths lessons in September, we have created a digital platform to allow them to maintain their skills whilst studying at home.

The Digital ME platform provides a variety of resources to work through at home, for all levels of maths and English.

Some resources won’t be available until your child has enrolled, but those joining us in September can start to use the BKSB resource now, which will track their individual learning and allow them to progress to more challenging work.

As one of only 21 Maths Centres for Excellence in England, we have also invested in making our own maths teaching videos, which can be accessed once your child has a student account.

These resources will also come in handy for any parents or carers who are trying to support their children with their English and maths. Please check these out here: