Learning During COVID-19

This section has been created to help students and their parents/carers as the College moves to online learning. If there is any information that you are unable to find, please e-mail info@cityplym.ac.uk so we can answer your queries and further develop these pages.

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Accessing Work

Lecturers will be regularly setting students tasks, activities and assignments via their virtual learning environment (VLE), e.g. Google Classroom/Moodle/OneFile. During timetabled lessons they are requested to login to their VLE and complete the set task/activities. Lecturers will be monitoring submissions and providing regular feedback.

Lecturers’ Responsibilities

Lecturers will:

  • be available via Google classroom or College e-mail to give advice and answer questions during lesson/assessment time
  • utilise technology, the course VLE, e.g. Google classroom, Moodle, etc, and Google hangouts/Google meets, to ensure all relevant information and instructions are available and to interact with students
  • ensure lesson resources including Powerpoint/lesson slides are made available to students via Google classroom or e-mail.
Useful Online Tools for Students

Google Hangouts – Chat

How-to video: G Suite YouTube Channel

How-to documentation: G Suite Learning Centre


Google Hangouts – Meet

How-to video: Google Training YouTube

How-to documentation: G Suite Learning Centre


Zoom Web Conferencing

How-to videos: Zoom official website

How-to documentation: Zoom Help Centre


Google for Education – Applied Digital Skills (Readymade digital skills lessons for students)

How-to documentation: Applied Digital Skills

Collection of lessons on the theme of remote teaching and learning: Applied Digital Skills


Planet eStream – TV and Radio Library

Search existing off-air recordings: eStream search page

Search for TV programmes to schedule: eStream EPG

Search and request from the archive: eStream Connect


Planet eStream Help

eStream Academy Support Site: eStream Academy

Sharing eStream content: Sharing content video


The College has robust policies and procedures in place to safeguard all members of our College community while working on and away from the main College campus. Our safeguarding and welfare teams continue to offer support remotely and at the main College site.

Young people will be using the internet more during this period. The College will be using online approaches to deliver training and support. Staff will be aware of the signs and signals of cyberbullying and other risks online and apply the same child-centred safeguarding practices as when students are learning at the College. The College continues to ensure appropriate filters and monitors are in place.

Online safety – advice for students

These days we communicate over the web nearly as much as we communicate face-to-face – sometimes more! Not to mention how much shopping we do online. So it’s never been more important to take care of yourself when buying online, using social media, or presenting yourself on the web in any way.

There are lots of reasons why online safety is important:

  • criminals keep up with new technologies, and so keeping your personal details safe will help protect you (and your hard-earned cash) from identity theft. Some crooks have been known to steal identities in order to commit further crimes
  • employers (and even some universities) are looking at applicants’ personal profiles to help them make decisions. Does your profile say the right things about you? It’s important that you know who can access your details and that it’s likely that you will be judged on what they find!
  • online bullying or cyberbullying – it’s a phrase we’ve all heard. It’s a very real and widespread form of bullying that can be just as harmful as physical bullying. It can happen to anyone at any age, so it’s important that we are aware of the dangers to help protect ourselves and others
  • you can protect your PC or laptop from viruses and spyware that could ruin your work, or even destroy your computer! 

Useful links




Reporting a concern

Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility. If you have a concern you should report it to us using this e-mail address safeguarding@cityplm.ac.uk 

CEOP – if you have been a victim of sexual online abuse or you’re worried this is happening to someone you know, report it here: CEOP

Harmful content – report it here: https://reportharmfulcontent.com/

Remember, if you feel you or a child is at significant risk of harm, call 999 or visit A&E.

Health and Wellbeing

We know that these can be testing times for both you and your family, and being confined within the same house for long periods can be trying for the most patient and relaxed individual.

Below are a range of articles and resources that may offer help on a number of issues, including how to deal with anxieties related to the virus, boredom, isolation, managing screen time, social media use and maintaining healthy relationships.

If as a parent, guardian or carer you are seeking help with your emotional wellbeing, you can get help by accessing Qwell –https://xenzone.com/qwell.

English and Maths

While we are aware and appreciate the effort being made by students to engage with their online work for their courses, it is vital for current students to continue engaging with their English and maths. English and maths are vital for both higher education and/or employment, and with uncertainty surrounding exams, your grade might be assessed on your coursework and via other centre-assessed methods. 

The College has a range of online resources to help students of all levels with their English and maths via our digital ME platforms, and the BKSB resource makes it easy to keep track of their progress. 

As one of only 21 Maths Centres for Excellence in England, the College has also invested in making its own maths teaching videos, which students can access through their account. 

To access the digital English and maths resources, click here: https://studentcentral.cityplym.ac.uk/digital-me-home/.