Coronavirus Update: Students

Updated Wednesday 27 May.

Dear student

Further Changes to Dates of Onsite Teaching

Following my e-mail on Friday, the Government has now given new guidance to the opening of further education colleges. The College will now recommence learning from week commencing Monday 15 June. To that end, we will be delaying your induction and teaching to fall in line with this decision. 

As per my communication last week, the return to onsite teaching will be for students who are required to undertake assessments in order to complete their qualification and progress to the next level or into employment. Those students who are required to return to College will be contacted next week. 

I know that this is a really challenging time for all of us, coming on the back of nine weeks of restrictions to our day-to-day life; any reopening is so much more difficult than closing down. I’m sure like me, you have a mixture of emotions of being glad that restrictions are easing, coupled with fear of what this may bring. These are fears we all share and that is why it is so important that we all support each other in this.

As you can imagine, Government guidelines and decisions come into effect quite quickly and I will continue to keep you updated as announcements are made.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the College reopening please visit the FAQs section on our website or e-mail

Yours sincerely

Jackie Grubb



Updated Friday 22 May.

Dear student

Recommencement of Onsite Teaching at City College Plymouth 

I hope you are safe and well. We are now halfway through the summer term and whilst lecturers have been continuing to deliver remote learning, we have been working on a plan to recommence face-to-face learning to a small number of students when it is safe to do so. This will be for students who are required to undertake assessments in order to complete their qualification and progress to the next level or into employment. 

By following Government guidance and implementing strict social distancing measures, the College will commence a phased reopening with inductions during week commencing Monday 1 June. Teaching will commence from Monday 8 June.  

If you are required to return to College we will be in touch with further details on attending an induction. The induction will include a safety briefing and a tour. Your timetable will be updated so you know which days/times you are expected to come into College and the room numbers allocated for your assessments to take place in. 

The safety of our students and staff continues to be my utmost priority. I understand that these are anxious times and appreciate that you may have concerns regarding returning to College and would like to reassure you of the plans in place to protect you. We have implemented the following social distancing and safety measures:

  • designated entry and exit doors, physical barriers and floor markings
  • one-way directional flow through corridors and stairwells
  • staggered start, end and break times for sessions
  • hand-washing and sanitising available in thoroughfares
  • social distancing monitoring team circulating the site.

For those students who will be returning for the next year of their programme or progressing to the next level of their course in September, we are currently developing plans to ensure procedures are in place to support you in returning to onsite learning, dependent on social distancing or other restrictions that may be in place at that time. 

I hope that the information contained in this communication answers any questions you may have about the College reopening after the half-term break, however if you have any queries or concerns please visit the FAQs section on our website or e-mail

Yours sincerely

Jackie Grubb


Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I be given if I return to College?

You will be given a full induction the day you return, which will make you familiar with the site and explain what social distancing measures are in place. You will be given your timetable and have a full induction into the workshop you will be working in.

Where do I need to come on my first day?

You will receive an e-mail or telephone call telling when you need to attend College. You should come to the main reception entrance; do not enter but wait for one of the College staff to direct you.

How will I know what to do when I arrive onsite?

If you are required to come onsite to complete practical work as part of course, you will be given a full induction on your first day back.

Do I need to continue to social distance if I attend College?

Yes. The Government advice is that we all should maintain social distancing measures. Whilst in College you will be asked to:

  • sit at desks that are 2 metres apart
  • follow the 2 metres rule whilst walking around the College
  • visit the toilet one after another
  • have staggered start and break times
  • do not gather with friends in close social gatherings but remain 2 metres apart.
Can I still catch the College number 36 bus?

The College is in discussions with the bus company to look at ways of reinstating the number 36 service. This will be dependent on numbers attending the College each day and what arrangements the bus company has to ensure social distancing whilst traveling.

What if I do not want to get on a public bus due to being afraid of catching COVID-19?

If you do not want to use public transport, the Government advice is to consider coming to College on your bike or to walk. You might look at arrangements to get dropped off by parents or family members. If you are having problems getting to College, speak to your tutor first,who will discuss with the Student Journey teams to try and help you.

Can I still get welfare or pastoral support if I am on site?

Yes. Whether you are studying remotely or on site, a member of the Student Union Wellbeing team will be available for you to discuss your concerns and provide support or signposting if you require it.

Can I still use my locker?

No. If you have a locker you will not be allowed to leave PPE or any other belongings in the locker. The locker areas will be out of bounds. You will be allowed to go to your locker during your induction to retrieve all your PPE and belongings.

What can I do with my PPE at the end of the day?

You will need to take your PPE home each day and will not be allowed to leave it in the workshop or on the College site.

Can I get a lift in my mate’s car?

No. The Government guidance is to maintain 2  metres social distancing and you cannot be socially distanced in a car and remain 2 metres apart.

Will the library be open?

No.  The library will remain closed to avoid the gathering of groups of people.

Will I be able to go to the Student Union?

No.  The Student Union will remain closed to avoid the gathering of groups of people.

What happens if I do not follow social distancing rules?

You will be given a full induction onsite to ensure you understand the rules around social distancing. There will be a team of onsite monitors made up of Student Journey and estates staff who will be around to reinforce the rules around the site. You will be politely reminded to maintain 2 metre social distancing. If you persistently ignore the guidance and rules then you will be subject to the Student Disciplinary Procedure and in the worst case be asked to leave the site for your safety and the safety of others.

How can I maintain social distancing in a workshop and classroom with my group?

It will not be possible for you to be with all members of your group due to government guidance on social distancing. The College has been mapped out to enable social distancing in all areas. Each workshop, classroom room and building will have a maximum number of students allowed to ensure you have a safe working area and you can maintain 2 metre social distancing whilst completing your practical work. Your tutor will ensure this is maintained for the safety of everyone. Some communal areas will be closed.

Do I need to wear a facemask?

No. College spaces are not considered to be enclosed under Government guidance, so there is no requirement to wear a facemask. If you intend to travel by public transport some bus companies are asking passengers to wear a facemask. If you feel you need one please ask your tutor or a member of the Student Journey team.

Can my tutor still demonstrate practical task so I know what to do?

Yes. Where a member of staff has to be within 2 metres distance to be able to safely demonstrate an activity to students, appropriate PPE will be put in place.

What can I do if I am experiencing unexpected financial difficulties due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Someone from the Student Funding team will be onsite each day so you can talk to them to discuss your concerns. The College may be able to make some contribution to support your travel and food depending on individual circumstances. 

What happens if I feel unwell and display symptoms of COVID19?

If you are displaying symptoms you should not attend College. If you start developing symptoms whilst on site you should let your tutor know, go home immediately and self-isolate in line with Government guidelines.

What if I cut myself or have an accident?

We have a team of College first aiders who are trained to deal with infection prevention and control, and they have been given additional PPE to protect them and you in the event that they may have to administer treatment. 

Can I still smoke on the college site?

Yes. Smoking shelters have been spaced to allow for 2 metre social distancing. These areas will be regularly visited by the Student Journey and estates team of monitors.

Can I still use the refectory/cafe for food and drinks?

Food and drink outlets such as the STEM Cafe, the cafe in construction and engineering department, and PL1 and the Deli will be closed to reduce social gathering. The only food outlet that will be open will be the refectory. Food and drinks will be available during the day.