Effective Meetings Take Just a Few Minutes

29 June 2018 | Employers

This month, the global business community marked World Productivity Day and meetings are trending as one of the key areas employees believe need improvement.

A world-wide survey carried out to mark the occasion by Jabra, the global leader in audio and communication technology, revealed that whilst most workers consider meetings an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge between colleagues, not much progress has been made at making meetings more productive.

The success of any meeting rests not only with an effective agenda and chairperson, but also on accurate records of the outcomes, any actions required, and clear lines of responsibility. It is little surprise then that many employers are looking to improve the skills of those charged with taking those all-important meeting minutes.

Businesses in the South West are no exception. Lynne Ferris, Livewell’s Community Urgent Care Services Admin Supervisor explained: “As an organisation, Livewell Southwest is committed to developing and further educating all staff groups. Approximately two years ago the Community Urgent Care Services (CUCS) Admin Forum identified a gap in effective minute taking. This was highlighted to the Education Department and, since then, two minute-taking courses have been delivered by City College Plymouth.”

The popular one day ‘Taking Effective Meeting Minutes’ course is delivered at the College’s Kings Road site and is designed to provide comprehensive minute-taking skills for anyone who is called to take formal minutes at a meeting.

Lynne continued: “The results of these courses are obvious to see. Minutes are now concise and accurate. Action points are recorded together with the deadline and who is responsible to carry out the action. The minutes are now reported in a uniform approach. This has resulted in more effective outcomes, avoiding confusion and staff taking ownership.

“We now have a group of minute takers who are confident in their own ability to record minutes. The quality of minutes has improved thus ultimately resulting in Livewell Southwest continuing to provide exceptional quality care to their clients which is their core business.”

Those businesses looking to improve their productivity through effective minutes are encouraged to visit www.cityplym.ac.uk and search ‘minutes’ or call 01752 305026 to discuss their training needs.

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