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Gender Pay Gap

The College’s key values include celebrating diversity and breaking down barriers to success.

The College is therefore committed to equality and diversity and committed to reducing barriers by offering fair opportunity to all staff and students. This commitment includes providing opportunities to all, regardless of gender or any other reason that cannot be justified in job-related terms.

The College is committed to publishing its gender pay gap data together with a genuine commitment that we will work to narrow any gaps. In an increasingly diverse world, we recognize that we have a responsibility to ensure that our staff feel valued, included and rewarded in equal measures.

Salaries at the College are determined by the Lecturer Competency Framework for lecturing staff and against the Business Support Grade Descriptors for Business Support Staff. Roles are evaluated against the job and not the post-holder, removing gender or any other personal characteristics of existing or potential job holders. Therefore, we are confident that the College is paying the same salary to roles of equal value.

There is good representation of female staff in management positions at the College, with over half of the Senior Management and the College Management Teams are female. The College has a higher percentage of females at the lower and middle quartiles. These tend to be business support roles. We will ensure that women within Business Support roles have the opportunity and ability to progress their careers within the College.

The Gender Pay Gap at City College Plymouth is well below the national average; however; our aim is to continue to close the gap year on year and to do this we are committed to:

  • promoting our female role models internally and externally
  • improving opportunities for flexible working through the Work-life Balance and Special Leave arrangements
  • taking gender into consideration when identifying succession planning
  • ensuring that development and learning opportunities are available
  • making the lower salary roles more attractive to men, by using male role models.