Extra-special birthday present for GCSE student

20 August 2020 | College News

It has been a day of celebration for students at City College Plymouth who received their GCSE results today after a week of controversy and uncertainty as to when results would be released. 

For one student in particular, receiving grade 5s in maths and biology has been the icing on her birthday cake. Nicole Short, whose 27th birthday coincided with results day, had decided to retake GCSEs in maths and biology in pursuit of becoming a primary school teacher. 

The busy mum juggled her studies around caring for her two young children and working part-time in the evenings. While this proved challenging at times, Nicole persevered and is now enjoying the rewards of her hard work. 

Nicole said: “I was delighted to receive these grades. It would not have been possible to become a teacher without at least a grade 4 in maths and science, but I am now one step closer to this goal.

“I was so nervous last night – I barely slept and I spent most of the morning refreshing my phone to see if the e-mail had arrived, but when it finally did, I was so happy. Those grade 5s are the perfect birthday present!”

Nicole, who now plans to study an Access to Higher Education course, said: “I can highly recommend City College Plymouth to any adults who, like me, are starting afresh when it comes to qualifications. I cannot fault any of the staff, who were so kind and supportive, and they were always on hand and willing to help. I look forward to continuing my educational journey.”

If you are an adult who is looking to improve your GCSEs, you can apply online at cityplym.ac.uk or e-mail any queries to info@cityplym.ac.uk

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