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Find out how to claim funding to cover Apprenticeship training

08 October 2021 | College News

Did you know that more than £1million has already been pledged in Apprenticeship funds?

Businesses of any size are welcome to apply for a share of this funding to cover the costs of training for apprentices.

What is this all about? Mike Jones, of City College Plymouth, explains below.

“All businesses of a certain size pay the Apprenticeship Levy, but some employers find they don’t use the funds themselves. With the Apprenticeship Levy, if this money isn’t used towards the cost of training, it’s lost, so a lot of organisations choose to transfer their funds to be used by smaller businesses.

“The Department for Education has this year made it easier than ever for these funds to be distributed to other employers via an online pledge function.

“Large organisations can protect the future of their industries by helping to cover the training costs for apprentices at smaller businesses. The company transferring its Levy funds can stipulate what type of training it wishes to cover, and then other organisations can use the online service to view what is available and put in an application for the funds.

“This great initiative could potentially relieve local skills shortages by enabling more businesses to start recruiting staff via this earn-while-you-learn route into employment, which is becoming increasingly popular with all ages “Employers can also choose to reward and upskill current employees by providing them with training via an Apprenticeship and helping them to develop the skills that your business might need in the future.”

Those wishing to apply for Apprenticeship Levy funds will need to register with the Digital Apprenticeship Service, but the College’s Business Engagement team can support you with this. You can get in contact by e-mailing

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