Free Apprenticeship ‘Myth Busting’ Breakfast to Help Employers

21 June 2016 | Apprentices, College News, Employers

apprenticeship breakfast - coffee cups

From April 2017, the way the Government funds Apprenticeships in England will change. Some employers will be required to contribute to a new ‘Apprenticeship levy’, and there will also be changes to the funding of Apprenticeship training for all employers.

With so many businesses in Plymouth and the wider area currently employing apprentices, this change could have a significant effect on the local business community.

Matt McLean, Key Account Manager at the College, said: “Many employers in the City are confused about what the Apprenticeship reforms will mean for them and their business. At City College, we have cut through all the noise around the levy and funding reforms to help employers make sense of the new system.

“We invite anyone who wants to know more about the funding reforms to attend our Apprenticeship ‘Myth Busting’ Breakfast events, where they can chat to our team of experts over tea, coffee and pastries.”

The next Apprenticeship ‘Myth Busting’ Breakfast takes place on Friday 1 July, 8.00am – 9.00am, at City College’s STEM Centre, Kings Road.

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