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Charging Policy for the publication scheme

The City College Plymouth Charging Scheme seeks to identify whether there is a charge for any of the information which is contained within each Class.

In order to provide you with clarification upon charging structures the College has set out the following charging policy.


Where information is available upon the City College Plymouth website the College would not seek to make any charge. Individual users will of course have to meet their own costs in gaining access to the document, ie. Internet service provider costs, printing charges etc.


  1. Documents available upon Website
    For those without Internet Access a single print out of the information as it appears on the website may be obtained by post from the point of contact. A stamped addressed envelope will be required.
  2. Documents already available free of charge
    Where the College has historically made information/documentation available free of charge it will not seek to place a cost upon an individual making a request, although a stamped addressed envelope will be required if hardcopies are to be submitted by post.
  3. Documents available free of charge by inspection at College
    A number of documents, where not available upon the website are available, free of charge, for inspection upon the College premises.
  4. Multiple Print-outs/Large documents (50+ pages)
    Requests for multiple print-outs (if available as per Publication Scheme) will be subject to a charge to cover the cost of photocopying and postage.
  5. Chargeable Hardcopies – Commercial Publications
    Some bound glossy publications, or information available via other medium will automatically attract a charge as indicated within the Publication Scheme. Information as to charges would be made known at the point of request and are payable in advance.

Photocopying and Postage Charges

Photocopying = £0.10 per page (chargeable only for documents greater than 50 pages in length)
Postage = In accordance with national rates.

The College reserves the right to amend its Charging Policy from time to time.