Why Choose Us?

We welcome hundreds of international students to City College every year. Here are some of the top reasons you should be one of them.

Enjoy Life in a Vibrant City

Plymouth is a great city to live in, with plenty of restaurants and leisure facilities to keep you entertained. The cost of living is lower than many other UK cities, so you’ll have more money to enjoy all that the South West of England has to offer. Take a bus to the beach, a trip to the countryside, or go hiking for a day on Dartmoor.

Make Friends From all Over the World

We organise lots of trips and activities to help you settle in and make friends. And we have some great facilities on site, from hair and beauty salons, to a deli, coffee shop and restaurant. So it’s no surprise that 94% of our international students say they would recommend us.

Get a Great Education

We have lots of courses for you to choose from. The qualifications you’ll achieve are recognised by employers across the world. So we can help you to turn that dream job into a reality. What’s more, our fees are lower than many universities and private colleges, so you can get a great education at a great price.

Put your trust in a college that’s dedicated to helping international students to succeed …

We’ve partnered with universities, colleges and organisations across the world. These include the International College Beijing of China Agricultural University and PDVL Overseas Advisory in Malaysia. Together we work to make sure our international students enjoy a first-class experience when they study with us. We’re proud to have been awarded the Charter for Excellence in International Education and Training by the Association of Colleges in the UK.

“This programme has helped me to develop not only my English skills but also my communication skills. In this programme you’ll meet people from around the world and make the best of it – socialising with other people is the key to improve your communication skills. When you’re studying overseas you’re automatically being more independent and responsible in your study.

Studying overseas is not easy especially when English is not your first language. I’ve struggled a couple of times but the staff here are really genuine and helpful so there’s nothing to worry about.

During my six months course in Plymouth I’m trying to make the best out of it, explore new places that I’ve never been to before, make new friends and spend lots of time with my host family. Work hard, play hard they said, and it’s reasonably true.”

Ghiga Gustinanda