We can offer you a wide range of qualifications, with each one designed to get you one step closer to where you want to be.

Access to Higher Education

A rewarding, but demanding, course for anyone who wants to get a university-level qualification, but doesn’t have all the entry qualifications required.


An Apprenticeship is a practical training programme supported by your employer and the College. You earn while you learn and get training in your workplace.


An award is a great starting point for anyone without entry level qualifications. They’re available in a wide range of subjects at different levels.

Bachelor of Science

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) qualification is a university-level degree in maths and science based subjects. It’s the equivalent of a level 6 course.


A two-year vocational qualification that helps you develop specialist knowledge and practical skills to get you the job you want, or to move onto higher education.


You can gain a certificate for reaching a certain level of achievement in a course or training for specific skills.

College Certificate

A College certificate course covers an introduction to specific topics or subjects, usually in a shorter time period, with your qualification based on self-assessment.

City & Guilds

One of the leading skills and development providers, City & Guilds qualifications cover a huge range of subjects and levels and are recognised all over the world.


Covering lots of vocational and academic qualifications, a diploma is awarded by many educational providers and can be studied at different levels.

Foundation Degree

Covering arts and science subjects, a two-year Foundation Degree is equivalent to a level 4 and 5 course that combines academic study and workplace learning.


The key qualification for young adults and school leavers, GCSEs cover a wide variety of academic subjects, including English and maths essentials.

Higher National Certificate (HNC)

A one-year, full-time course relating to a particular work sector. A university-level HNC qualification is equivalent to a level 4.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

The HND is the next step up from an HNC. It’s a two-year work-related course and provides a level 5 university equivalent qualification.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)

Designed to be studied full-time, or part-time if you’re in a work placement or an Apprenticeship, an NVQ is a practical, work-related qualification.

Short Course

Available for a wide range of subjects, short courses can give you industry relevant training or a qualification for a specific job.