Local Offer

Do you have a special educational need, such as a learning disability? With our Local Offer you’ll get the support you need to succeed at City College. We can help you to fill out application forms, get extra support in class and lots more. Our friendly team is always happy to chat about how we can work with you. To get in touch with the Additional Learning Support team:

Call 01752 305300

E-mail info@cityplym.ac.uk

We also have several courses for those who have learning difficulties or disabilities that can help you to gain extra skills. You could learn subjects to help you get a job, such as English, computing or maths. And you could learn how to live independently. Courses include:

We look forward to welcoming you to City College!

Further information:

Our SEN Policy sets out our aims and objectives for supporting students with special educational needs. You can also read the Government’s SEN code of practice and regulations, as well as the policy for increasing options and improving provision for children with special educational needs.